Make your home’s energy system more efficient and reduce your energy bills with Aeroseal – an innovative duct system sealant. Get in touch with State Automatic today – call 630-879-8600 and talk with Jim about the significant improvement you can make to your home’s heating and cooling capabilities with Aeroseal.


Aeroseal is the ideal solution if your home has rooms that:

*Consistently feel too cold or too hot.
*Have a musty odor and a lot of dust in the air.
*Contribute to your routinely high energy bills.

According to research by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, duct leakage is widespread in both residential and commercial buildings throughout the entire nation. The ductwork in many buildings leaks as much as 25 to 40 percent of the cooled or heated air that HVAC systems are working so hard to produce! In a report released just a few years ago, the government agencies found that duct sealing is by far the single most effective measure that homeowners can take to save energy and reduce their energy bills.

With Aeroseal duct sealant applied by the techs at State Automatic, air flow becomes much stronger and temperatures become much more consistent. Imagine all the rooms in your home achieving the temperature that you actually set on your thermostat! State Automatic’s ductwork sealing with Aeroseal will boost the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system by reducing 25 to 40 percent of duct leakage. Aeroseal gives your air conditioner and furnace to function at their maximum efficiency.

Call State Automatic at 630-879-8600 for a FREE estimate today! After assessing your home’s HVAC and ductwork, we’ll provide you with a report that shows how much your ducts are leaking and the drastic reduction on that leaking is possible with this solution. You’ll be able see the actual savings potential.