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Air Conditioner Batavia IL

Air Conditioner Batavia IL

Warm weather is right around the corner – is your Air Conditioner Batavia IL ready to keep your home or business comfortable? On this page we present a few signs to watch for that probably mean your air conditioner is due for a repair call by the experts at State Automatic. After that, we include a few more signs that indicate it’s time to think about replacing your Air Conditioner Batavia IL:

Signs Your Air Conditioner Batavia IL Needs Repairs

Some of these signs are pretty obvious, while others may be a little harder to spot. Understanding these warning signs, however, will help you know when to call our helpful team for services before malfunctions get even worse.

* No Cold Air – It may just be that your cooling system simply isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Even at maximum settings, the air coming out of your vents isn’t cold enough to maintain comfort. This can be a sign that it’s due for repair. The cause could be your system’s compressor is failing, or it could also mean the system’s Freon levels are too low.

* Inadequate Air Flow – If you’re noticing weak or minimal air flow out of your vents, it could be a compressor issue. If some rooms in your residence are receiving cold air while some aren’t, then the problems might be with your duct work and it’s a sure sign that your system needs urgent repair. With time, dust can get caught up in your air conditioning vents. This can impede sufficient airflow, but it also creates a potential health risk to your household. Getting your air conditioner’s duct work professionally cleaned is a good way to regain airflow and be sure that your Air Conditioner Batavia IL is performing well.

* Problems with the Thermostat – At times the troubles may not stem from the air conditioning unit but rather from your thermostat. A good way to determine if your thermostat is a problem is when one section of your home is very cold while another part stays at the same temperature.

* Moisture Collects Where It Shouldn’t – When moisture or leaks start to form around or near your Air Conditioner Batavia IL it’s time to call the experts at State Automatic for speedy service. When you notice leaks it could be refrigerant fluid. Refrigerant leaks can result in serious health hazards to you and your household and require repair right away. Water puddling alongside your Air Conditioner Batavia IL could show that the drain tubing that empties the air conditioner’s condensation is clogged or broken. While not as serious some other types of leaks, it’s an issue that should be dealt with promptly to prevent mold growth.

– Strange Noises – Grating and grinding sounds from your Air Conditioner Batavia IL may well be a signal that you need repairs or even a replacement unit. As with other major appliances that have moving parts, strange sounds are the unit’s way of telling you something isn’t working right. A squealing sound could mean that a belt has slipped out of place or it may indicate that a metal component requires extra lubrication. A grinding noise may indicate that the unit motor’s bearings are damaged.

* Strange Scents – Strong or foul odors coming from your Air Conditioner Batavia IL vents generally mean that its wire insulation is burned out. Musty odors could indicate that there is mold growing inside the ductwork which should be resolved as soon as possible.

To help prevent these issues, it is essential to schedule routine maintenance for your Air Conditioner Batavia IL. It is a major appliance and with a good maintenance schedule you’ll extend its useful lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs. Even for units that don’t need replacement, efficient repairs can enhance performance and energy bills.

Most repairs on Air Conditioner Batavia IL are fairly routine, and our service techs can have your unit back in working order quickly. In case your unit is relatively new, repairs may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Even if it isn’t, it is still beneficial to solve a minor problem soon than to hold off until it grows into a more substantial problem.

When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner Batavia IL

Curious about whether the time has come to say goodbye to your Air Conditioner Batavia IL? Listed below are a few clues you’re ready for a new cooling system for your home our business.

* Is your Air Conditioner Batavia IL nearing its “retirement age?” Most units have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years, although that figure can vary, naturally, based how it has been maintained. Insufficient maintenance generally means a reduced lifespan.

* Does your Air Conditioner Batavia IL require a key repair or replacement part but the warranty is expired? In some cases it may not be worth paying for a costly replacement. For example, if you need to get a new compressor for an outside unit when your Air Conditioner Batavia IL over 15 years old or so, we would probably recommend replacing it.

* Doesn’t keep your home at comfortable temperatures. Was your home simply too warm and stuffy last summer season? If so, it’s perhaps the most obvious sign that you should consider a new unit.

* Are you getting tired of paying energy bills that keep getting higher and higher? Much like other major appliances as they age, air conditioners become less effective and gradually must “work harder” to maintain a cool and comfortable setting. If your utility bills are consistently climbing, consider getting a new one. Need help finding the ideal unit? Contact the experts at State Automatic today!

At State Automatic, we know how important it is to maintain a comfortable environment at your home, and that it can be frustrating when rooms get warm and stuffy. Our team’s objective when it comes to air conditioner repair is to restore proper function as soon as possible with the very least amount of inconvenience to your daily routine. Our trained and certified technicians are experienced in prompt, affordable solutions and we’re available for emergency services 24/7. We realize malfunctions don’t always take place during regular work hours, so we’re ready around the clock when you’ll need us the most.

State Automatic for Air Conditioner Batavia IL solutions at competitive rates – call for an estimate today at 630-326-6330. Our company’s NATE certified service techs have developed their knowledge in all aspects of the HVAC industry by passing specific certification exams. Our customers benefit from good peace of mind knowing that the right people are on the job. Whether your unit needs regular maintenance, repairs or total replacement, our team shows up on schedule ready to finish the work promptly. We take additional care to safeguard your home and keep the work site tidy and organized – so when our work is done you’re left with the cool comfort of a smoothly running air conditioner.