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Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL

Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL

During West Chicago’s warm and humid summer season, central air conditioning units work continuously in an effort to keep your household comfortable and healthy. But is the cooling system at your house working as well as it should be? Was your air conditioner installed many years ago? Has it been a long while since you scheduled Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL or maintenance?

Excessive usage can cause residential cooling systems to malfunction early in their lifespan or even stop functioning altogether. In the event that happens to your cooling system, one of the seasoned HVAC service technicians from State Automatic will come to your location, evaluate your central air conditioner and troubleshoot whatever problems are occurring with Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL.

When we finish, we will provide you with a detailed assessment of which repairs, if any, are necessary and why the malfunction happened. With your informed approval, our technicians can start on Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL that will restore your system so your household will keep comfortable and cool next summer season.

State Automatic is Your Local Provider of Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL

We install, repair and maintain all models and makes of central air conditioner units for residential customers. We provide replacement cooling systems, 24/7 emergency services, maintenance care plans. Routine maintenance permits air conditioner repairs to be anticipated and a lot less costly down the road. Even more importantly, consistent maintenance is what prevents sudden breakdowns and saves on Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL costs.

Is it time to upgrade your air conditioner?

If your air conditioning was installed more than ten years ago, there have been significant advancements in technology to consider. The changes implemented to cooling systems (such as the shape of fan blades, coils and the compressor capabilities) have become cost-effective and beneficial for Illinois homeowners. Contemporary efficient units use as much as 70 percent less electricity than units made just a few years ago. In addition, they emit much less noise as they operate.

Give State Automatic a call when it’s time for Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL or to invest in a new, top quality air conditioning unit for your home or commercial site. We are here to provide useful information and review which cooling system options are right for your needs. Our certified and thoroughly trained HVAC technicians can supply you with up-to-date information on upgrading your cooling system to make your residence or business far more comfortable at reasonable costs while also decreasing energy waste.

A common inquiry we receive is from homeowners asking whether they should get Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL or simply invest in a new air conditioner. While it can vary depending on climate conditions and usage patterns, the typical lifespan expectancy of air conditioners is about 10 to 15 years.

Your own tolerance for discomfort in humid and sticky conditions might motivate you to get a new air conditioner sooner than that or even if a major Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago is necessary. Health conditions, uncomfortable or unused rooms and other issues can lead many Chicagoland homeowners to add a ductless HVAC system to prolong the service they’ll get from their cooling system.

-Why is my air conditioning leaking water? A main purpose of an air conditioning unit is the removal of sticky, uncomfortable humidity from indoor air. When it is sized accurately, the cooling result is often incidental or secondary. In many cases, leaks occur when dirt and debris are blocking a drain, especially when the air filtration is insufficient. Schedule Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL is yours is leaking.

-Should I schedule maintenance for my air conditioner each year? There’s no doubt that servicing an air conditioner annually is the best plan for staying ahead of problems and major Air Conditioner Repair West Chicago IL. A malfunctioning cooling system in hot, muggy temperatures is not just uncomfortable – it can even be unsafe. Annual tune-ups by our trained and well-qualifed cooling system experts will ensure your air conditioner remains clean while operating efficiently.

-How frequently should the coils in an AC unit be cleaned? At least once per year during the spring or summer time to avoid Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL and the risk of service outage. As part of maintenance, an HVAC technician from H&L will inspect the coils for leaks, cleanliness and refrigerant levels. In addition, electrical and gas components are checked for safety and performance. The technician will also inspect and change out the unit’s filters when needed.

-Is there an ideal time to get a new air conditioner for my home? It’s likely the right time to replace your AC if you’ve been spending a lot in recent months on Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL. It’s a smart plan to replace an air conditioner well before the high temperatures of summer settle in to ensure uninterrupted comfort.

Is Your Home’s Ventilation System in Good Shape?

A Few Basics about Duct Sealing?
Leaking of cracked ductwork can overtax the heating and cooling system, add more humidity in the ductwork and affect the quality of indoor air. If energy bills are unusually high or ductwork is many years old, it could be time for duct sealing. Leaks in ductwork are not always visible, so the best way to determine if you have a problem is to be proactive.

Checking for Duct Leaks
Duct leaks lose air through gaps often found at the seams in the ductwork and air handler. To perform this type of testing, the technician pressureizes the ductwork system by blocking off airflow from registers and vents in the home. This helps to identify holes and creaks allowing air to leak out.
A well-sealed duct system makes a home more comfortable and energy-efficient. With continual improvements in technology, sealing ductwork is more effective and easier than ever before.

Benefits of Having Ducts Sealed

-Improves Air Quality
Through duct sealing, you’ll improve your household’s indoor air quality by removing pollutants that could be circulating through your home. As these common pollutants start to accumulate, they float into the indoor air, triggering asthma and allergy symptoms.

-Increases Comfort
Adequately sealed air ducts help achieve consistent temperatures throughout the home.

-Reduces Costs
Ductwork sealing, within a relatively brief amount of time, can essentially pay for itself. Air duct sealing can help save as much as 30 percent on your home’s energy bills. By closing off leaks and gaps, your HVAC system simply won’t need to work so much, which will add years to its lifespan.

Keeping it Fresh

With the average American spending close to 90 percent of their time indoors, good, breathable air is crucial to health and comfort. Knowing the signs of unhealthy indoor air quality is essential to keeping your family healthy and getting the most out of your HVAC system.

Taking tangible, proactive steps to improve the quality of the air in your home makes a difference. Keep the family healthier by keeping the air they breathe fresh.

When you need expert Air Conditioning Repair West Chicago IL or other solutions for your comfort system, contact H&L today!