State Automatic – Energy Savings That Keep Your Home Comfortable – The Cor Thermostat

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is generally where you spend the majority of your energy dollars – that’s why quality energy appliances that save on that budget are so important. The ingenious Côr® thermostat – delivered and installed by the team at State Automatic is Energy Star® certified and made to merge comfortable settings inside a home along with decreased energy use. Reports from homeowners who have the Cor thermostat indicate an average savings of about 20 percent on their heating and air conditioning bills!

cor thermostat

The Cor thermostat was initially designed with a key purpose in mind: to save more money through efficient energy use. The Cor includes features like “Ideal Away,” which basically enables the thermostat to adapt past manual programming to function more efficiently but also maintain optimal comfort settings. Plus, the Cor can provide useful reports on your home’s energy use that will help you track precisely when your heating and cooling funds are being spent the most so you can alter settings and boost your savings. The Cor will even supply you with energy saving suggestions customized for your home.

This multipurpose thermostat is instantly compatible with a variety of HVAC system types and brands to enable you to improve to hassle-free remote access control and energy conserving intelligence. All you’ll require is an Internet connection to have total control over your HVAC system – whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV at home or miles away on vacation or traveling for business.

Learn more about the many benefits of the Cor thermostat – you’ll keep your home comfortable for less all year round! Contact the team at State Automatic today for a no-obligation appointment with one of our service techs at 630-879-8600.

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