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Heating and Cooling Batavia IL – State Automatic Heating & Cooling – Call 630-326-6330

Heating and Cooling Batavia IL

Heating and Cooling Batavia IL

A family-owned and operated local company, we’ve been serving the indoor comfort needs of homes and businesses in Batavia and many other Fox Valley communities for nearly 90 years. Our longtime customers know that we deliver on our commitment to personalized, prompt service and excellent products.

Our staff of service techs are NATE certified and complete specialized industry training in the best practices for Heating and Cooling Batavia IL that keep our customers comfortable.

Below you’ll see an overview at some of our most-requested services and products. Learn more or call us to schedule a no-obligation estimate for your next comfort system service needs at 630-326-6330.

Maintenance for Heating and Cooling

Our popular maintenance program is a great way to keep your home’s environment comfortable all year long while saving on energy bills. We’ll simply contact you each spring and fall season when your Heating and Cooling Batavia IL system is ready for a cleaning and basic checkup.

Appointments are set around your schedule and you’ll be assured that your home is ready for the weather that comes our way here in the Midwest! The many benefits of our “Clean and Check” maintenance program include:

-We automatically contact you when your home or business is due for HVAC maintenance.
-24/7 emergency services for our preferred customers.
-Safeguards the warranties on your appliances. Many manufacturers are contracting out to insurance companies to manage their warranties and require proof of maintenance before honoring claims.
-Optimized efficiency of your Heating and Cooling Batavia IL system.
-Year-round comfort and long range savings because clean equipment means lower gas and electric bills.

Your Source for Heating and Cooling Batavia IL, Air Conditioner Repair, New Installation and More

The NATE certified techs at State Automatic have received specialized training in the HVAC industry by passing multiple certification testing. That expertise translates to peace of mind for our customers who know they’ve got the right person for the HVAC job.

Whether your air conditioner needs regular maintenance or repairs, our bonded and insured State Automatic techs are ready with affordable solutions that will restore proper function quickly.

When we install Carrier Factory Authorized parts, they are guaranteed not to fail for at least two years. In the unlikely event a part does become faulty, it will be replaced at no cost. Because we are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we use authorized parts wherever possible to ensure best performance and efficiency.

We are also your number one source for new air conditioner installation. Developments in air cooling technology have not only made it more efficient than ever to keep homes cool, but feature improved humidity control and filtering capabilities that reduces pollutants, keeping your home cleaner and enabling those with allergies to breathe easier.

If you’re considering a new air conditioner this season, call State Automatic to get started: we’ll direct you through the many options, handy features and state-of-the-art innovations now available. Working within your schedule and budget, we can help you select a new air conditioner that will be the ideal fit for your home’s needs.

Heating and Cooling Batavia IL – Ductless Air Conditioning

For homeowners thinking about adding a central air conditioner but wary of what the ductwork would entail, ductless air conditioning is a very effective option. Also referred to as a mini-split system, ductless air conditioning doesn’t require renovations for ductwork.

With a convenient installation process, ductless units are wall-mounted, making them very inconspicuous.

Ductless units have two major components: one is an evaporator that’s typically positioned on an interior wall, and the other is a condensing unit on the exterior of the house.

Once you’ve made the investment in an air conditioning system, you’ll expect reliable performance from year-to-year. To maximize your Heating and Cooling dollars and avoid the annoyance of unexpected repairs, simply schedule regular service with State Automatic.

No matter what the age or condition of your air conditioner, it will always benefit from some expert attention. Nowadays Heating and Cooling Batavia IL maintenance is essential to keeping your warranty valid. Manufacturers generally require minimum maintenance as defined in their owner’s manual to guarantee warranty coverage.

Heating Repairs, Furnace Replacement, Maintenance

Even a slight problem with your home’s furnace can be a cause for concern and even result in gas or carbon monoxide leaks that pose a health hazard. Why take risks with your home heating investment? Call State Automatic for quick and lasting repairs.

Our experienced Heating and Cooling Batavia IL service techs can work on all brands to solve any performance problem no matter the age or condition of the furnace.

Even the best home heating systems can start to decline in performance if not maintained regularly.

Was your furnace functioning at peak performance this past winter? Wear and tear due to dirt and dust accumulation, or incorrect installation may result in escalating utility bills, multiple repairs and bad indoor air quality. Your household’s comfort and breathable air quality are far too important to overlook.

Call State Automatic and let our experienced team maximize the general performance of your home Heating and Cooling equipment.

New Furnace or Boiler Installation

A home Heating and Cooling Batavia IL system is among the biggest investments owners make with respect to comfort. After all, the main purpose is to keep families comfortable all year long whatever the weather conditions may be outside.

To contain the rising costs of heating, our customers demand the most efficient heating systems without giving up quiet and consistent performance.

A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer the best solutions in home heating – ready to deliver products that produce many years of cost-effective comfort and accurate temperature control. We work tirelessly to suit your home’s unique needs with the ideal heating systems – from radiant heat, boilers and furnaces to geothermal units.

State Automatic – Improving Indoor Air Quality

If you or someone in your household struggles with asthma, allergies or if you’re simply interested in a healthier respiratory environment, State Automatic presents a variety of solutions. We carry a range of innovative indoor air quality products that purify the air within your home or business.

Inside the well-insulated homes and buildings of modern times, it may seem like we’re relatively safe from pollution.

However, there can still be a build-up of dust mites, skin flakes, pet fur, dander, pollen and other irritants. A well-insulated building can even make those issues worse as the same stale air recirculates.

With a quick call to State Automatic, our Heating and Cooling Batavia IL specialists can present you with a selection of indoor air quality products that will have you and your household breathing easier!

Water Heater Solutions

There are several things to think about when choosing the best hot water heater for your home. There are a broad range of products out there on the market these days that offer different fuel sources and energy efficiency ratings.

When you talk with the Heating and Cooling Batavia IL experts at State Automatic about water heaters for your home, we take into account tank size, recovery rate, fuel and storage type and installation space before making suggestions. State Automatic for many years has been a preferred service agent for all water heater companies for homes and businesses.

Call State Automatic today for all your Heating and Cooling Batavia IL needs at 630-326-6330.

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