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Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL

Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL

If you’re finding that the heat pump in your West Chicago home is not performing as well as you need it to, then it likely has a problem that needs Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL. The pump could have, for example, an airflow blockage, low refrigerant or perhaps a broken compressor. Regardless of the cause, it needs to be resolved correctly and soon by a heating system service technician.

We understand that it’s difficult for homeowners to predict when their heat pump is going to stop functioning efficiently, so at State Automatic Heating & Cooling we provide our customers with speedy and effective home heating repair solutions.

How to Identify When Your Heat Pump Needs Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL

As the weather conditions in Illinois turn colder as winter takes over, a failing heat pump with get your attention fast. Similar to furnaces, a heat pump that is not working right can in many cases require only a quick fix by our experienced Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL.

Here are a few common alerts you can watch for that indicate there’s an issue with your home’s heat pump:

-Excessive noises. As your heat pump is running, you shouldn’t notice it making a lot of noise. If you’re hearing excessive noises from the unit, then it’s a smart idea to call State Automatic Heating & Cooling soon for Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL.

-Rising heat bills. We’re all aware that a heat pump can consume quite a lot of electricity. However, if your heating bills are skyrocketing suddenly even as your usage stays at a consistent level, it’s evident of a problem with the heat pump.

-Ice accumulating. A refrigerant leak or poor airflow can cause ice to form on a heat pump. This is not a normal effect and it may lead to more damage if not resolved.

-The heat pump short cycles. “Short cycling” is simply an industry term that describes when an HVAC system turns on, runs for a very brief amount of time, turns off and then starts back up once again soon after. It’s a major problem for the general condition of a heat pump and can drive up monthly heating bills.

-Faulty temperature setting control. When ductwork installation is inadequate it can mean that your home will have insufficient airflow. Consequently, that can lead to difficulty controlling the temperature. Your heat pump is designed to keep your home consistently comfortable. Don’t hesitate to contact us for Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL if you’re noticing this problem.

-Foul smells. If you are experiencing musty or moldy odors from your residential heat pump, there’s probably an issue with the accumulation of debris and dust or with the condensate drain. Either of those issues can result in a significant drop in the pump’s efficiency and need Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL quickly.

Our heat pump and furnace repair experts have proudly served homeowners in DuPage and Kane Counties for many years. As a family-owned and operated contractor, we make it a point to provide excellent customer care at competitive rates.

You can depend upon the State Automatic Heating & Cooling team for:

-Knowledgeable and trained Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL professionals to arrive as scheduled and prepared with all the equipment necessary to resolve the problem with your heat pump or furnace.
-A dedication to excellent customer care and timely solutions.
-A reliable, courteous staff ready to answer your inquiries about our products and services.

Call the Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL Experts at 630-326-6330 for Maintenance That Will Keep Your Heating System Efficient

A full tune-up for your home’s heating system will help ensure that it works properly all winter long. Scheduling maintenance appointments at least once per year, ideally well before the start of the cold season, will help prevent major hassles that might need emergency solutions. Additionally, regular maintenance can serve to ensure the system works efficiently and might even prolong the lifespan of your furnace.

Some of the important benefits to a heating system tune-up are:

-Increases efficiency and longevity of your heating system.
-Decreases the risk of a system breakdown occurring.
-Lowers energy consumption and bills.
-Improves safety and health.
-Reduces the need to call for emergency repairs.
-Provides peace of mind.

We usually advise our customers to schedule a heating system tune-up in the fall season to avoid the risk of a malfunctioning furnace or heat pump when you need it the most.

A furnace breakdown in the winter can result in cold nights and expensive repairs in an emergency situation. There are several reasons to schedule a tune up before the winter starts including:

-Avoids putting your household at risk. Perhaps the most important benefit is that a well-maintained furnace is essential for reliable and safe heating. A tune-up and safety inspection consists of checking electrical components for any exposed, loose or faulty wires. If there is a minor defect or crack on the heating system, it can allow harmful carbon monoxide gas to leak out and present a health hazard.

-Increases utility expenses. Lack of maintenance and Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL when needed can cause rising costs every month. Just as a regular tune-up for a car can help improve fuel mileage, a yearly tune up for your heating system improves efficiency.

-Potential of a system breakdown. If you begin hearing unusual noises from the furnace or smell foul odors coming out of the vents, do not ignore it and simply hope that it will go away. A yearly furnace tune up will help prevent a costly and inconvenient breakdown that can create a lot of stress and lead to expensive emergency repairs.

While each heating system may provide its own specific characteristics, a tune-up usually includes some or all of the following steps:

-Test the system for any sign of a carbon monoxide leak.
-Check for sign of a gas leak.
-Test the control and safety circuits.
-Make any necessary adjustments to the blower components.
-Inspect and test the safety controls.
-Monitor the furnace cycle.
-Test the capacitor and compressor contacts.
-Adjust the gas pressure.
-Clean the filter or replace if necessary.
-Ensure the moving components are lubricated properly.
-Clean the burner and heat exchanger, confirm there are no cracks on the heat exchanger.
-Monitor the flue draft to confirm safe operation.
-Verify safe operation of the pilot light.
-Adjust airflow for correct temperature.
-Tighten any loosened electrical connections.
-Monitor amperage draw and voltage of on the motor.
-Clean the thermostat.
-Vacuum and clean burner compartments.
-Replace batteries in the thermostat if necessary.
-Clean out the blower assembly.
-Inspect the ductwork to confirm sufficient airflow.
-Clear the condensate line and condenser coils.
-Test the wiring and electrical connections.
-Inspect the service lines and valves.

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Do you suspect your furnace or heat pump isn’t providing enough heat lately?
No one wants the risk of a furnace break down during the middle of wintertime. If your heating bills are rising or it just does not as though your home gets warm enough, it’s time to contact State Automatic for Home Heating Repair West Chicago IL.