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Water Heaters North Aurora IL

Water Heaters North Aurora IL

Worried about the condition of the water heater in your home? Watch for the following signs that it’s probably time to replace it with a new and highly-efficient unit from State Automatic:

-The installation date on your existing water heater was more than a decade ago.  Are you unclear on just how long you’ve had your water heater? Most Water Heaters North Aurora IL will provide about ten to fifteen years of reliable service. If yours at that age or even older or you are not certain when it was installed, there’s a good change it is probably nearing the final stages of its life.

-The water coming out of your taps looks rusty. This is an obvious sign you almost certainly need to schedule replacement. No one wants to deal with rusty water coming from the sink or shower.

-Lack of any hot water. You switch on the tap for some hot water only to discover it remains cold and you won’t be able to use the shower. There may be a few issues causing this: either the pilot light went out or perhaps the circuit breaker tripped. Or, it could be that the water heater is simply at the end of its life.

-Sediment collecting at the bottom of the Water Heaters North Aurora IL tank. Sandy, gritty or muddy water can indicate that sediment is building up in the unit’s tank. In some instances it’s possible to drain the tank in order to remove the sediment and get the water heater working normally again.

-Foul odors. If the water gives off a metallic odor as it flows out of the tap, this could indicate the water heater is now breaking down. Also, watch for gritty particles in the water.

-Problems with the thermostat. Warm – but still not hot – water can be a sign that the heating element is burning out. Check the thermostat to confirm the temperature setting is between 120 and 140 degrees. A lower temperature would provide water that is lukewarm but not hot enough for comfortable use.

-Usage patterns. How frequently does your household consume hot water each day? The water heater in a home with seven people actively using hot water throughout the day will tend to have a shorter lifespan than a water heater used by a single person or someone who travels frequently and is away from home a lot.

-Odd sounds. Noise is an indicator that something is not right. If your water heating is cracking or popping, for instance, there could be a problem with its heating element that our Water Heaters North Aurora IL technicians could repair.

-The tank is leaking. Naturally, a leak is never a positive sign when it comes to water heaters. This is another warning that it’s time for replacement.

Our reliable access to clean, hot water in our residential and commercial locations is an essential comfort that our plumbing systems provide to us. When there is something wrong that prevents that access, even a basic task like showering, cleaning dishes or doing some laundry becomes impossible and disrupts your household routine. The culprit in these difficult situations is invariably the water heater.

Call State Automatic for repair or for new Water Heaters North Aurora IL at 630-326-6330.

If you are experiencing any of the issues we describe on this post with your residential water heater, we encourage you to promptly call us to set an appointment with one of our water heater repair and installation specialists
today. We have fixed and replaced Water Heaters North Aurora IL for many of our customers.