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Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL

Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL

An air conditioning system at a commercial location has a very important role to fill. In most cases, it must effectively cool a space that is a lot bigger than an average residential space. Furthermore, it has to successfully meet this challenge will also contending with the same summertime heat as a residential unit does. A well-maintained cooling system ought to do this efficiently and without many problems. Still, even a Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL system that receives quality maintenance is going to experience a problem at some stage in its lifespan.

Just because the air conditioners often used at business locations are larger than their residential counterparts doesn’t mean they are immune to problems. If your commercial AC unit needs some additional TLC to ensure it keeps running reliably, we’re here to assist at any time. Our trained and knowledgeable Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL service technicians can provide repairs for your air conditioner. Here are a few tips that can help you know when you should call us for services:

-The cooling system is short-cycling. Does the air conditioner at your business shut off soon after it goes on? This type of shortened air cooling symptom is known in the industry short-cycling. It indicates a problem with your cooling system that’s disrupting your air conditioning unit’s ability to provide cool air and, as a result, causes it to shut off prematurely. Don’t hesitate to get Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL repairs in this situation. Waiting too long can allow damage to occur that shortens the unit’s longevity and will require replacing it sooner.

-The air conditioner is making quite a racket. After you switch on the air conditioner at your business it shouldn’t be producing a lot of loud noise. When it starts making strange noises such as clanging, screeching and rattling, it is a smart idea to promptly reach out for repairs because these indicate a problem.

-Lack of cool air coming out of the vents. Likely the most obvious warning sign to note is that if the air conditioning is putting out warm air rather than cool air.
This is, of course, the direct opposite effect of what the cooling system is supposed to be producing.

-Weak airflow. Your commercial cooling system should produce a steady, forceful flow of air in order to maintain a comfortable environment. If you detect that any of the vents are barely emitting airflow it is likely due to a problem with the ductwork or fan. Whatever the cause may be, our Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL technicians can check it out and fix it for you.

-Something doesn’t smell right. Just like weird noises from your AC are a call for help, unpleasant smells are also a sign of a problem. Be sure to set an appointment with State Automatic to get the system cleaned out.

-The energy costs for your business are escalating every month. It’s obvious that the energy use and costs for most commercial space already are going to be more than an average residential space. That said, as a business owner or someone who manages a commercial building, you probably have a good sense of what your heating and cooling bills should be, so you’ll certainly notice if they escalate suddenly. Don’t overlook an abrupt increase in your monthly expenses – they might be a sign of a problem that requires Commercial HVAC Carol Stream IL services by State Automatic.

It’s essential that your business, retail outlet, office plaza, restaurant or other type of commercial space remains comfortably cool next summer. Call us for services that will ensure your air conditioning performs efficiently!