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Home Heating Repair Geneva IL

Home Heating Repair Geneva IL

Whether you’ve lived in the same house for decades or you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably going to encounter a problem or two with your heating system at some point. We’ll take a look at a few of the common problems and some of the signs you’re due for Home Heating Repair Geneva IL.

-Dusty, clogged vents. As basic as this issue might seem, it is an important and common occurrence everyone with a furnace should know about. Over time and through repeated use, debris and dust can collect in the ducts. That steadily restricts the warm air that circulates into your home. If it feels like your furnace is not heating your house effectively, it could be because your ductwork is due for a professional cleaning. Place your hand near a vent to feel for the airflow. If it’s weak or there’s no flow at all, contact State Automatic for Home Heating Repair Geneva IL.

To prevent problems with your furnace, consider our affordable maintenance plans by our experienced HVAC technicians. As part of the service we’ll clean the furnace, ductwork and other components of your heating system to keep it running efficiently.

-Dirty filters. Furnaces have a filter that’s purpose is to keep your indoor air clean as well as the ductwork. The filter screens out dirt, dust, pet fur, allergens and other pollutants that can cause symptoms like coughing and sneezing. A key indicator that it’s time to change the filter is when your furnace is not heating the air as effectively as it usually does. If the furnace seems like it’s laboring harder than normal, that also could indicate it needs a new filter. This occurs if the filter is fully clogged with dust and the furnace must struggle to push warm air through it.

-Fix the start-up mechanism. Most furnaces have a mechanism that jumpstarts the heating cycles. The specific type of starter mechanism is dependent upon the model of furnace. In older units, this is typically a pilot light. In newer models, they usually have an electrical ignition rather than a pilot light. Regardless of which type of furnace you have in your Fox Valley home, the pilot light or ignition can malfunction and our Home Heating Repair Geneva IL technicians might need to fix or replace it. In some situations, your furnace might stop going on and warming the home if there’s problem with its starter mechanism.

You might be able to view the pilot light in your furnace. But if it does not turn on when it’s supposed to, it’s definitely worth placing a call to State Automatic for Home Heating Repair Geneva IL.

-Blower Components. This is the mechanism inside your furnace that pushes the warm air into the ductwork so it heats your home. If you’re noticing that your furnace does not appear to be producing warm air, there may be one or more problems that call for Home Heating Repair Geneva IL. Ball bearings are among the blower parts that can malfunction. As time passes, the ball bearings may simply wear down. They also may sustain some damage if they are not installed correctly.

A common indication of a blower bearing issue is a telltale scraping noise coming from the furnace. In the event you notice this noise, contact the specialists at State Automatic right away so we can replace the bearings. It’s important to call sooner rather than later because if you keep running the furnace, it will cause more damage to the bearings. It’s a smart idea to shut down your furnace in order to prevent these problems from worsening.

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