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Sometimes it’s tricky for homeowners to identify the causes of problems with their HVAC Batavia IL systems. For example, how can you tell it’s time to replace your home’s air ducts? Here are a few of the most common warning signs:

As much as 25 percent of the air within your HVAC Batavia IL ductwork is wasted on account of leaks and ducts that are improperly fitted. As a result, that significant amount of waste can get expensive.

Luckily, State Automatic offers effective solutions to this all-too-common problem. Either schedule an upgrade to your home’s ductwork or replace the ductwork completely. It is important to take action before the problem continues to get worse. Keep on reading to learn more about how to identify and solve problems with your ductwork.

Why HVAC Batavia IL is So Critical

When homeowners – or owners and managers of commercial buildings – consider their HVAC Batavia IL system, they frequently overlook the ductworks. Without a doubt, this can be a mistake with big consequences down the line. The ducts draw air from various locations throughout your home for heating or cooling. Then, the ducts conduct that air back toward other areas of your house.

In the event the ductwork has holes or is not properly connected, air pressure falls and forces your HVAC Batavia IL system to keep working harder. When that occurs, you’ll soon see a spike in your heating and cooling bills. Ducts are made to last for an average of approximately 10 to 15. They are typically made from materials such as plastic and fiberglass.

Sooner or later, ducts will sustain wear and tear and show signs of damage. The sooner that you take notice of the signs and take action to fix it, the better off you’ll be.

Besides the rise in energy bills that failing ducts can cause, your home will simply become less and less comfortable. For instance, your air conditioner unit may become less efficient and you’ll wind up with hot and cold spots in different areas of the house. Obviously, there are steps you can take to help your AC run more efficiently. But it’s essential to fix the ductwork first and prevent additional problems.

Similarly, faulty ducts may circulate toxic, unhealthy air throughout the vents due to the spread of mold or mildew. Having your HVAC Batavia IL maintained is important not just for comfort, but also for indoor air quality.

Top Signs You Probably Need to Replace Your Ducts

Here are some signs that indicate your ducts need replacement or repair:

-Your HVAC Batavia IL system is getting noisy. It’s pretty common for heating and cooling components to emit some low volume noises as they function. However, the noise should not be unusually loud. If you’re continually hearing rattling or banging sounds or the ducts are vibrating while heating or cooling your home, call us to schedule an inspection of the ducts.

Fiberglass or plastic joints are often what connects the ducts. If you’re hearing rattling noises it may be a sign of damage to the joints.

If the ductwork has holes in it, you’ll typically hear noises as air is moving through it. Don’t delay to call us for HVAC Batavia IL because it may get worse.

-Escalating heating and cooling bills. It’s standard for some amount of air to escape as it travels through ducts. However, if more than 20 percent of the air is escaping you’ll definitely see the results in the form of climbing energy bills. The cause is pretty simple. The homeowner sets their thermostat to a particular level of comfort. The temperature will get higher and warm the house, but it won’t be enough. This is because too much warm air is leaking out.

It’s that inefficiency that drives up heating costs because the HVAC Batavia IL system must keep working for longer periods to heat (or cool) your house.

-Inconsistent heating and cooling. Homeowners may experience that some rooms in their home are much warmer in comparison to other rooms. This may be the result of faulty ducts that aren’t sending enough air to specific areas of the home.

With a basic thermometer, you can monitor this: if the temperature differences between rooms are significant, you’ll want to schedule an inspection of your ducts promptly.

-Dusty indoor air, poor quality of indoor air. It’s likely impossible to completely eliminate dust. After all, it’s found practically everywhere both outdoors and indoors. However, in the event you’re noticing a lot of dust in your home, faulty ductwork may well be the cause.

Dust from outdoors is finding its way into the ductwork system through leaks and holes. The ductwork next carries the dust throughout the vents and distributes it into your house. If you’re sneezing more frequently than normal you may have dusty indoor air due to inefficient.

-The smell of mildew and mold in your house. Similar to dust, problems with mildew and mold can be due to ducts with poor connections or faulty insulation.

Mold appears as a consequence of inconsistent temperatures outside and inside the HVAC Batavia IL ductwork. For instance, as warm air moves through cold ductwork, condensation forms. Over a time period of weeks and months, mold can start developing. Before long, you’ll detect that telltale smell of mold as the air pushes it through your vents.

Mold growth risks causing a number of health issues. Plus, it can cause your furniture and other items to deteriorate. Schedule a ductwork inspection with our HVAC Batavia IL experts promptly if you detect the smell of mold in your home.

-Pest problems. Aside from mold growth and mildew, aging ductwork can also lead to an infestation of pests. This can happen when holes and leaks in ductwork start allowing rodents and bugs to enter. These unwanted and unhealthy pests can quickly form colonies and lead to lots of problems over the long term such as unpleasant odors and sounds to the spread of bacteria.

In addition, rodents and insects can cause an obstruction in your HVAC Batavia IL ductwork system.

If you’re seeing any signs of infestation, schedule professional services to both eliminate the pests and for replacement your ductwork.

-Respiratory ailments. Are you or someone in your household sneezing a lot lately? Or, are you experiencing coughs, congestion, watery eyes or other symptoms yet not due to a cold or flu?

Note that leaks in your HVAC Batavia IL ductwork can allow allergens like dust and pollen to circulate in your indoor air.

Pollen can cause unpleasant allergies for many people, especially those who may also struggle with asthma. Our HVAC Batavia IL experts can inspect your ductwork for holes and leaks and either make repairs or replacements to help improve the quality of your indoor air.

-Signs of debris collecting around your vents. The vents are made to direct warm or cool air in your home, depending upon your needs. When the air gets too dirty, however, it will over time start leaving small indentations near the vents. The debris is often a result of accumulating dust, lint, pet fur and even insects. This is not just an aesthetic issue, but a warning sign that your ducts require an inspection.

Even if your home’s ductwork does appear to be functioning normally at the moment, it’s very hard to predict when issues may begin to appear. Particularly in the event your home was built during the 1970s or earlier. If you have never had a ductwork inspection or it’s been a number of years, consider scheduling one sooner rather than later.

Ductwork installation techniques have improved continually over recent years. New, safer and highly efficient materials are utilized to install and protect your HVAC Batavia IL ductwork.

Is Your Furnace Due for Replacement? Call the HVAC Batavia IL experts at State Automatic for New Furnace Installation at 630-326-6330

When temperatures in the Fox Valley dip below freezing and the snow starts to fall, it’s no time to be without a dependable home heating system. At State Automatic, we thoroughly understand how important it is to have a heating system in good working order during the winter and how stressful it can be when malfunctions happen. We’ve been providing heating repairs and installing new furnaces for many years for homeowners – it’s why we’ve become one of the most trusted HVAC Batavia IL companies in the industry. If your home is not heating properly, or if you suspect that your furnace is about to break down, do not delay in calling us for service at 630-326-6330.

State Automatic – Ready with HVAC Batavia IL Solutions

Our home heating techs are always standing by with service vehicles ready for dispatch to promptly supply heating and furnace solutions. Properly qualified and factory certified, we come equipped with the tools, expertise and replacement parts needed for most any furnace repair or replacement jobs. We can restore adequate heating to your home usually in a single appointment. After all, the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is a long wait on a freezing winter day for the right HVAC Batavia IL parts to come in.

Repairs for All Furnace Makes and Models

Regardless of whether your home’s heating system is a natural gas burning furnace, an oil burning furnace, a geothermal heat pump or a boiler, we can fix it. State Automatic’s NATE-certified HVAC techs are trained experts in heating solutions. We’ve made the investment in quality replacement parts so that we’re always prepared for just about any possible heating emergency.

If your furnace is producing strange sounds or it’s simply not heating as efficiently as you need to remain comfortable when it’s cold outside, do not wait until it quits completely. Frequently, we can perform a repair or replace a part and restore proper function. Our helpful service department is ready to dispatch a technician when you call us and we are also readily available for emergency HVAC Batavia IL services every day of the year 24/7.

There are a variety of indicators that can occur over time with your furnace that calls for professional repair services – which is exactly what customers can count on from our team of specialists. These warning signs you should be aware of include:

A furnace that repeatedly cycles off and on – also referred to as “short cycling” – while producing insufficient heating for your home.

-Dusty indoor air.

-A furnace blower that operates constantly.

-A pilot light that keeps going out.

Fixing Your Furnace

State Automatic’s HVAC Batavia IL technicians have the industry knowledge to troubleshoot and fix minor furnace problems and to identify and correct major problems as well. When you call for our people to evaluate your incorrectly functioning furnace, the procedure typically goes like the following:

-Our technician will speak with you to get a good idea of the issues you’re experiencing with your furnace and for how long they have been occurring.

-The furnace and rest of the heating system will be analyzed to identify where problems are occurring.

-Using diagnostic equipment, our technician will identify what is causing the malfunction with your furnace.

-After completing a diagnosis, our HVAC Batavia IL technician discusses the problem with you and recommends replacement, repair or maintenance.

-If you choose to proceed with furnace repair, our technician will complete the job efficiently.

-Lastly, more testing is performed to confirm that proper function to your furnace has been restored.

New Furnace Installation

Furnace installation procedures usually start off with a load calculation. Basically, load calculation is the method of analyzing the correct size of a furnace for your home. When we install a new furnace, it’s our policy to consider factors like the number of people who reside in a home, the number of doors and windows and their degree of energy efficiency. We’ll also take a look at the duct work in your home and consider the insulation of your home as well. By taking all these issues into account we can recommend the new furnace that will be the very best fit for your home.

Our number one priority is always to provide the best options based upon your energy needs and your budget. When it comes to installing your new furnace, our technicians arrive for the appointment prepared with all the necessary equipment ready to get started. While keeping disruptions to a minimum, we’ll have your new furnace in place quickly and then perform testing to confirm that it meets the efficiency standards of the manufacturer. Before you know it, your home will heated very comfortably all winter long and your heating worries will be a thing of the past!

Repairs and Replacement for Boilers

Contemporary boilers deliver low-cost but comfortable heating to your home. Because so many of the boilers on the market today are very highly rated for efficiency, they can be an appealing alternative heating method. As time passes by, however, and your boiler labors every day for years to supply heat in your home, problems can arise just as they might with a furnace. That’s when it’s time to call State Automatic for speedy solutions!

State Automatic presents a number of options for boiler replacement if yours is out-of-date and not functioning correctly. Although boiler life varies widely according to a range of factors such as usage, quality of service, upkeep and the make of the unit, if your boiler is over 15 years old it is likely time to think about an upgrade. We can advise you on the best replacement boiler for your home while also providing fast installation service too.

A Trusted Name in HVAC Batavia IL for Over 90 Years

State Automatic is a family owned and operated total service HVAC Batavia IL provider. Throughout the history of our company we have remained dedicated to exceptional comfort and energy efficiency. To maintain that high standard, we continue to carry the best products on the market today. When it comes to our workmanship, we also maintain high standards for service technicians as well. All State Automatic employees are drug screened and background checked to comply with the rigorous standards of training and industry practices necessary to attain our status as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

We are also part of the Comfort 24-7 Network. This distinction means that State Automatic guarantees your full satisfaction with our products and services. If, for instance, your new furnace does not live up to your home heating requirements within two years of its installation, we will dispatch our technicians to repair the problem at no cost to you.

Our guiding objective here at State Automatic is to make sure our customers are happy and comfortable. We’ve served the heating and cooling needs of Batavia and other western suburban communities in the area since 1929! Because of our close working relationship with Wells Fargo, we offer attractive financing options for our customers with approved credit. Give us a call now at 630-326-6330, and consult with a knowledgeable member of our team. We’re here with affordable HVAC Batavia IL options that will keep you warm this winter!