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HVAC Schaumburg IL

HVAC Schaumburg IL

Family owned and operated for 89 years, State Automatic remains dedicated to providing quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning services at reasonable pricing. Our trained and experienced service technicians are focused on completing each service call on time and with optimal results.

Whether keeping your home or business comfortably heated all winter long or cool during the warmest days of summer, we’re here with reliable HVAC solutions for our valued customers. Below we present a quick look at our many affordable services.

Call us any time with any questions you have about what we do or to schedule a service appointment for your HVAC Schaumburg IL system.

Furnace and Home Heating System Repairs

Even what may seem like a small issue with a furnace or other parts of a home heating system usually calls for prompt HVAC solutions. Why take the risk of your furnace breaking down during the middle of winter and leaving your household cold and uncomfortable?

Call the HVAC Schaumburg IL team at State Automatic for quick repairs that last and keep your home’s comfort system running smoothly. Our NATE-certified, experienced service techs can work on any make or model of furnace, regardless of when it was installed.

Our goal is simply to restore optimal performance so our customers are pleased with our services and enjoy a comfortable home! A furnace and its related heating system is usually among the biggest investments most homeowners make (outside of purchasing the home itself).

Your furnace is what you rely on to keep your household comfortable during the winter. To offset the cost of energy consumption, homeowners will want maximum efficiency without giving up noiseless, dependable heating performance. It’s a goal that we are happy to help our HVAC Schaumburg IL customers achieve.

State Automatic is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer offering the best, most economical solutions for quality home heating, repairing and installing great products that supply many years of consistent temperature control.

If you’re considering a new Carrier furnace for your home – or for your commercial property – our HVAC team can recommend a unit that will be a precise match to your heating needs.

State Automatic’s service technicians offer expertise in all types of residential temperature management. Our company is a long-standing part of the esteemed Comfort24-7 Provider Network, meaning assure total customer satisfaction when we install a new furnace.

In fact, for customers not totally satisfied within the initial two years of their new furnace, State Automatic guarantees we will repair the problems at no extra charge. Or, we will uninstall the unit and provide a refund of the initial installation cost.

In compliance with our Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee, repairs we perform on components such as ductwork or piping are to be covered with no charge to the initial buyer provided they still dwell in the home. Installation of a new furnace is an important investment.

When you choose to hire the State Automatic team with your HVAC Schaumburg IL comfort needs we make sure that we get job done right the first time.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key For Lasting HVAC Schaumburg IL Performance

Imagine a motorist who buys a brand new car and, after driving the vehicle for a few thousand miles, the “check engine” indicator lights up on the dashboard. However, the motorist chooses to ignore the warning and proceeds to keep driving the car without bringing it in for service.

Inevitably, the car will break down and leave the procrastinating motorist stranded, without transportation and also facing steep repair bills that could have been much lower if only the car had received routine maintenance.

Similar to that example, some Illinois homeowners tend to overlook routine care for their home heating and cooling systems until something malfunctions and they need service right away.

Yearly preventative maintenance calls are a smart choice to be sure that your comfort systems run smoothly and without Interruption all year long.

Just like getting an oil change for your vehicle, a yearly “check-up” for your furnace or air conditioner allows our HVAC Schaumburg IL experts to make sure all components are working correctly. An important extra benefit to maintenance is that we can provide you with preventative recommendations before severe weather moves in – like repairing or replacing faulty parts.

In addition to regular cleaning and inspections for your home HVAC systems, it is also important to change your furnace’s air filter. A clogged air filter can impede proper airflow. If left unchanged for too long, that can even cause a furnace to shut down.

In a worst case scenario, layers of dust and debris can settle on furnace components and cause the motor to stop or the burners to become clogged too. If your furnace uses one inch filters, we typically recommend changing them every one or two months.

Schedule HVAC Schaumburg IL Maintenance by State Automatic at 630-326-6330

Homeowners can benefit from our popular automatic maintenance program. It’s another way that our team can help you maintain a comfortable home environment all throughout the year. Basically, we will get in contact with you automatically in the spring and fall seasons when your HVAC system becomes due for maintenance and cleaning.

Working around your schedule, our service techs will inspect your comfort system to assure you’re prepared for whatever weather conditions the next season may bring.

Is Your Furnace Ready For Winter?

How old is your furnace? As a general rule of thumb when it comes to HVAC Schaumburg IL systems, furnace that has been well-maintained will have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years.

However, if your home’s furnace is approaching that age range, there’s a chance it may already be outdated and you could be paying too much to heat your home.

Even with a furnace that still functions consistently, energy efficiency is a valid reason to think about getting a replacement. Once a furnace starts needing repairs more and more frequently (separate from preventative maintenance expenses), it’s typically a sign of declining performance.

Heating system specialists generally suggest replacement of a furnace if estimated repair costs approach 50 percent of what a new furnace would cost.

Furnace efficiency is another factor to consider. It’s usually accurate to say that older furnaces are less energy efficient, and this will often become evident in higher heating bills even if you make adjustments for higher fuel prices.

However, there is another factor behind why homeowners may want to think about replacing their furnace—their existing unit may be the wrong size for their home’s heating needs.

These days, HVAC Schaumburg IL experts apply very precise calculations for sizing a furnace to match the specific dimensions of a home or a commercial building too. A sign that your current furnace is the wrong size is if it switches on and off too frequently.

Another – and the most obvious – sign is that your furnace is simply not heating your home adequately no matter how often it runs. Other signs that you may want to consider a new HVAC Schaumburg IL system include uneven heating in different rooms or unusual noises coming from the furnace when it is running.

Ready for affordable HVAC Schaumburg IL solutions that will keep your home comfortable all year long? Call State Automatic to set an appointment today at 630-326-6330.

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