Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program
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Benefits of System Maintenance:

  • Pleated Filter – $14.00 each
  • Carrier Media Filter – $52.50 each
  • Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner Pillow Pads – $20 each
  • Monitoring and ‘Automatic’ contact when maintenance services are needed
  • Priority Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency
  • Service for Preferred Customers
  • Ask about our Maintenance Program to SAVE $
  • Protects your equipment Warranties. Manufacturers are now outsourcing to Insurance Companies to administer their Warranties who REQUIRE PROOF OF MAINTENANCE to honor claims.
  • Should System replacement be necessary, cost of ‘Clean & Check’ to be deducted from new unit cost

Included & Excluded

  • Maximized efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Enjoy trouble-free year round comfort
  • Long term savings!! Clean equipment = Ultimately Lower Gas/Electric Bills

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