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HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL

HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL

By the time the spring and summer seasons arrive in Chicagoland, dealing with the humidity and heat soon becomes a top priority for area homeowners. That’s the time of year when you and your household depend upon your air conditioner to provide comfort month after month while also keeping utility bills affordable. Annual maintenance by the HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL technicians at State Automatic is the most effective way to optimize the performance of your system. Maintenance allows us to resolve problems before they develop into something worse that could result in service disruption during the hottest time of the season. Maintenance is also essential for extending the service life of your air conditioner, preventing malfunctions, and ensuring efficiency.

Whether you need one-time HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL or the many benefits of an ongoing maintenance plan, State Automatic is the area contractor you can rely on. After so many years in the industry, we’re very familiar with the challenges of Illinois weather and understand precisely what’s needed to save time and costs for our customers. Our factory-trained, experienced and NATE- certified service technicians are versed in the latest technologies and prepared to fix your air conditioning regardless of when it was installed at your home.

HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL – Duct System Cleaning

Duct systems, when they become obstructed with dust, dirt particles, pet hair and other debris, are often the cause of bad indoor air quality, rising heating and cooling costs and lack of consistent comfort. Regularly scheduled inspections of your home’s ductwork will ensure your indoor air quality remains clean and healthy. It’s especially important if anyone in your household has allergies or is prone to respiratory ailments. Call on the duct cleaning experts at State Automatic for accurate diagnostics and helpful recommendations if you’re concerned about the quality of the indoor air in your home or business. We determine and implement effective solutions to optimize the reliability, general performance and longevity of all the components of HVAC systems.

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It’s possible that your heating and cooling system might be circulating mold particles, bacteria and contaminants each time it switches on. An accumulation of debris in the duct system presents a potential health hazard. In addition, that accumulation can restrict airflow throughout the

system and cause your furnace or air conditioner to run for longer periods and consume increasing amounts of energy. That leads to a higher risk of malfunctioning parts and you could start to notice that certain areas feel chilly and others feel too warm and stuffy.

Is Your Furnace in Good Condition and Ready to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter?

As it is with any of the major appliances in your home, it’s important to remain aware of any signs of a problem with your furnace that could risk leaving you in the cold. We can provide HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL if you’re noticing signs like:

-Lack of heating. Without a doubt, this is the most clear sign of a heating system that needs help. Our technicians will quickly diagnose why the furnace is not producing heat and perform repairs necessary to restore it. If replacing the furnace is the cost-effective, better option we can recommend and also install a model that is appropriately sized to meet your home’s heating needs.

-An abrupt rise in utility bills. When a furnace – or a heat pump – begins to lose efficiency it will need to consume more energy to keep producing heat. If your bills are noticeably higher month-to-month contact us for HVAC Repair Elmhurst IL.