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Aeroseal ServiceAeroseal is a leading-edge technology that identifies and targets the gaps and cracks in your residential air ventilation system that you otherwise cannot see – and frequently can’t access. Aeroseal is an ideal solution for your home and your household. Its effectiveness stems from the combination of technologies and our safe and simple sealing formula. Our smart technology assesses the precise amount of leaks in the home’s system and then targets each of them – even the leaks you may not be able to see and reach.

When it comes to the actual Aeroseal service formula, it is non-toxic, safe and developed from the same type of material found in chewing gum. Just as important – our development process is so exacting that it only utilizes the sealant that is needed without waste. Aeroseal doesn’t coat your home’s whole air vent system, rather, it simply finds and fills only the cracks and gaps.

Aeroseal – How It Works

This non-invasive procedure generally takes just a few hours for application. There is little clean-up needed and minimal disruption to your household routine. It is reliable and shown to endure for many years and comes along with an official certification when the application is finished.

The Aeroseal process starts with a thorough test by our technicians. First, we close off all of the vents and registers in your home so the system becomes pressurized. This important first step permits our technology to locate the gaps and cracks where air leaks are happening.

Secondly, we connect Aeroseal technologies so we can do comprehensive testing of your residential duct system. We assess your pre-sealant air duct leaks, taking note of the total size of the gaps and cracks. Also, we provide you with a concise “before and after” assessment too.

Next, we’re ready to distribute the Aeroseal formula so it circulates through your ventilation system.

While doing this process, we track the performance of your system to show you improvements in real time while they’re happening. Aeroseal technology offers such precision that we use only the amount necessary.

Aeroseal service has a ten-year guarantee and has been demonstrated to have a service lifespan of decades.

More importantly, you will experience the difference in your indoor air quality and comfort, more consistent room temperature levels and lower energy costs.

Ventilation Duct Sealing Solutions
Breathe healthy air, save more money and stay comfortable with Aeroseal – the solution to leaking ductwork.

The air that typically carries the most dirt and dust usually comes from areas in a home such as the attic, garage or crawlspaces. But ventilation ductwork doesn’t create the dirt and dust – it just moves it around. Recent industry research shows that in many residences a substantial amount of dirt and dust actually comes from outside of interior living spaces. The external air that flows in via openings and cracks into spaces of a home frequently carry a lot of dirt and dust. The outside air can bring airborne particles like mold spores, pollen, dust, soot and even rubber particles from roadways. Much of the dirt that collects in ducts gets in though leaks. If you’ve noticed that dust accumulates in your home’s vents, duct leaks are a likely cause. A duct system that is correctly sealed, though, will hardly ever require cleaning.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, keeping dirt and water from getting into a ventilation system remains the best way to avoid contamination. Be sure that ducts are correctly sealed and well-insulated in areas like crawl spaces and attics.

Some homeowners might presume that their furnace’s filters are sufficient to trap the airborne dust circulating through their ventilation, but a leaking return can call for the replacement of filters at a frequent rate and, if not changed often enough, may place a strain upon your HVAC system. Locating and repairing leaks that allow poor quality air to get inside can help make your residence healthier. Plus, your home simply will be more pleasantly comfortable and you’ll find it easier to control interior humidity. Repairing leaks can even help to pay for itself by lower cooling and heating bills. In some situations, leaking ducts can waste as much as 40 percent of HVAC.

Aeroseal and the Many Benefits of Properly Sealed Return Ducts

-Better management of humidity levels, prevent mold growth. Correctly sealing your home’s air returns blocks humid, nonconditioned air from getting into your HVAC system and eliminates the risk of mold growing within your ventilation ducts.

-Provides better airflow. Along with improved circulation emitting from your vents, sealing your home’s ducts also keeps out troublesome dirt, dust and allergens to provide the fresh air that your household requires and peace of mind for you.

-Supports cleaner indoor air. Sealed returns prevent air pollutants from making their way into your home’s system and circulating throughout all the rooms. For anyone who suffers from allergies this is a critical aspect.

Common Complaints Resulting from Duct Leakage

-Dust and its impact on allergy sufferers. Fumes coming from chemicals used both indoors and outdoors can enter into your residential duct work, increasing problems for people who cope with asthma and allergies. Aeroseal helps improve the quality of indoor air by minimizing the dangers of pollutants circulating throughout your home system.

-Excessive utility costs. With approximately 80 million homes affected nationwide, official estimates put the amount of money wasted in energy costs every year at a staggering $25 billion. This equates to wasting 30 cents of every dollar that is spent to heat and cool the living areas in a home. The cause is primarily leaks and gaps in residential ventilation ducts.

-Uneven heating and cooling. A lot of homeowners contend with inconsistent temperatures in the various rooms throughout their homes. Some may be too warm and other rooms feel too chilly. This is generally the result of leaks in air ducts, which prevents warmed or cooled air from properly circulating and maintaining consistent comfort levels.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

Aeroseal is based upon innovative technologies that rapidly and effectively seals up gaps and cracks in residential ventilation systems from within, which makes home’s safer, healthier and comfortable. Plus, it helps enhance the performance of home heating and cooling systems while saving on those monthly utilities.

Aeroseal is a recognized technology that can significantly improve indoor air quality by limiting dust and allergens that may lead to health and respiratory problems. That’s one of the reasons so many schools and healthcare facilities depend on Aeroseal to prevent the proliferation of germs and to increase air quality.

With Aeroseal, homeowners can experience true cost cutting in their utilities. Homeowners typically see an average rate of return of 30 percent on their initial investment in Aeroseal. Because Aeroseal has undergone testing and is shown to have a service life of many years, it results in lower heating and cooling costs.

And by improving energy efficiency and the lifespan of your home’s HVAC system, Aeroseal is positive for the environment too. It’s one of the best things homeowners can do to help protect their environment, enhance living conditions and lower bills all at once!

Aeroseal results in improved comfort levels immediately upon installation by eliminating “dead” zones, balancing air circulation and evening temperatures so you’ll be able to maximize the performance of heating and air conditioning.