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State Automatic installed my HVAC system when I had my home built in 2010 and I have been happy with them ever since, although there have never been any issues…….Until this year when I had a local company check the furnace to assure it was ready for winter. This “other” company informed me the furnace was oversized and installed incorrectly, hence starving itself for fresh air and this resulted in me having cracks in my heat exchanger and in short order I would have other parts failing because of the poor installation. This had me very concerned, especially when he shut off the gas because he said the cracks in the heat exchanger would allow carbon monoxide into my home and could be fatal. I called State Automatic and shared with them (not in the nicest manner) my concerns/fears and they sent someone out to my house immediately to investigate the situation. Tim came out and checked out everything very thoroughly and assured me it was the right size furnace. Although my basement is unfinished, my builder had insisted the furnace be large enough to heat the entire house, including the basement if ever I decided to finish it. He also showed me in the manual that there were 3 ways to install the furnace and all 3 ways would provide the exact same amount of air to the furnace, so this wasn’t a problem either. Next Tim not only inspected the heat exchanger like the previous company, Tim pulled the heat exchanger from the furnace so we could easily inspect it and see there were no cracks nor flaws in it. You can imagine my relief to have Tim’s assurance and seeing with my own eyes that there were no cracks in the heat exchanger and that the manual showed that it was installed properly. State Automatic (Tim, Jim & Pops) really cared about me and my concerns. They were not trying to scare me into buying something I didn’t need. Lesson learned – stay with those you trust and for me that’s State Automatic Heating and Cooling. I highly recommend them for you too.
Mike H.
This is a family-owned and operated business in the best sense of the word. They’ve been servicing our HVAC units for 18 years. Timely. Polite. And very professional. The work is done right the first time – every time
Mike S
St. Charles, IL
Jose did a great job repairing my furnace. He was courteous, thorough, helpful, and got the job done! I would recommend him and State Automatic to anyone.
Lu W
Batavia, IL
Exceptional service and courtesy. Took my call in a late Friday and had the heat running the next morning. With a newborn at home, they jumped on the issue and was professional in every aspect!
Donald S
St. Charles, IL
Always a pleasure to have them. They come on time, get done quickly and are always very comfortable to have in the house!
Cindy K
Batavia, IL
I don’t usually give reviews, but State Automatic went the extra mile! My heat was not blowing on my second floor, so I called for a service call. I explained the problem and the technician walked me through it over the phone, saving me the cost of a service call. It worked and he could easily have made the appointment and charged me for the call but instead helped me out over the phone. It’s nice to know there are still honest companies out there.
Michele M.
We have only used StateAutomatic for all of our HVAC needs since 1983. They have always been responsive during this time when we needed repairs and their costs are reasonable and competitive. Recently we had installed a new energy efficient furnace an AC. They were very helpful providing options and what rebates were available. They also included 10-year labor warranty on our new furnace.
Joe S.
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