Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County

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Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County

Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County

State Automatic is a well-established local contractor offering expertise in all aspects of Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County. When summertime approaches and high temperatures settle in across Chicagoland, it’s essential that your air conditioner is in good shape and ready to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Our service technicians are standing by to perform everything from routine maintenance and tune ups to emergency Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County or installation of a new, energy efficient unit. If your home simply feels too stuffy this season even though your cooling system keeps running, schedule Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County right away.

State Automatic – Your Source for Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County and other HVAC needs

-Got heating problems? Call us for furnace repair. State Automatic’s experienced service techs can repair all types of furnaces and heat pumps, regardless of the age or condition of the unit. We aim to increase efficiency, longevity of performance and comfort with fast solutions to any home heating issue you’re experiencing.

-New furnace installation. State Automatic is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We present the best, most cost-effective solutions in home heating with top quality products that result in many years of efficient and accurate temperature control that stays friendly to your household budget.

We’ll evaluate your home’s specific heating needs with the most suitable heating system.

-Water heaters. Along with your furnace, a hot water heater is among the most important major HVAC appliances in your home. That’s why when it comes time to purchase a new water heating unit, it’s so important to make an informed selection. State Automatic will help you make the right choice for your home and then install it for you.

-Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County and maintenance. Whether your home’s cooling system needs standard maintenance or major repairs, our State Automatic techs are ready with solutions.

-New air conditioner installation. Ongoing development in home cooling technologies have significantly improved humidity control and filtering capability that reduces pollutants while keeping your home’s air cleaner.

If replacement is the better option instead of Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County, we can recommend an air conditioner unit that will keep you cool and comfortable this summer while also keeping your energy bills under control.

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Give State Automatic a call today for all your Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County and other comfort system needs such as services for your ductwork. Without a doubt, clean and functional ductwork is essential for optimal performance. The ductwork inside your home should not cost you money – but it may be doing so right now!

Research shows that for many homes, duct leakage is the number one cause of issues like uneven room temperatures, musty odors and dusty air. If there are rooms in your residence (often the rooms that are the greatest distance from the furnace) that consistently feel too cold or too warm, duct leakage is most likely the reason.

In fact, studies by the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy find that ducts leak as much as 25 to 40 percent! For example, leaking ductwork that is routed through the attic of a home is simply wasting heat through the roof.

In addition to the wastefulness, that can result in formation of ice dams and icicles on the eaves which risks water making its way back into the house.

Take the biggest and most attainable opportunity to make your home more energy efficient with Aeroseal. A very effective way to stop duct leakage, Aeroseal enables us to boost temperatures in our customers’ unevenly heated rooms by as much as 20 to 30 degrees as well as double or triple the air flow.

At last – the air you are paying to cool in the summer and heat in the winter will actually do exactly that for each room in your home!

State Automatic’s duct sealing treatment with Aeroseal will reduce ductwork leaking by 25 to 40 percent, which also helps your furnace and your AC unit operate at peak efficiency and reduce the need for heating or Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County.

Call us now to learn more about duct sealing with a no obligation free estimate.

State Automatic will evaluate your duct system’s leakage and give you a report showing the significant improvement that is possible with Aeroseal. Stop wasting money and get started today on a more efficient and comfortable home!

Check out these HVAC Facts:

-Have you ever wondered where the actual term “air conditioner” started from? It was in 1906 when a textile maker in North Carolina coined the phrase. He founded that air cooling technology helped to increase the quality of the materials being manufactured at his plant.

-The continuing development of present day air conditioning has allowed for improvements in medical technology, extended life expectancy and a decrease in the spreading of diseases that once were common particularly in warmer regions.

Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County has also helped to increase employee productivity because when people tend to be more effective when they are more comfortable!

-Sales of air conditioning units saw a sharp increase back in the 1950s. By 1953, sales of AC units were in excess of one million units nationwide. Many years later, by 1998, over six million units had been installed in homes and commercial buildings in the USA!

-Before the advent of air conditioners, it was not uncommon for some businesses and government entities to simply shut down during the summer!

-Air conditioners are even part of Hollywood lore: in the 1987 animated film “The Brave Little Toaster,” the late comic actor Phil Hartman provided the voice for a talking air conditioner who was weary of being stuck on a wall.

-Warmer states such as Florida, Texas and Nevada can credit air conditioning technology in part for their population growth over the years. Without the benefit of air conditioning, the nation’s economic centers might rest primarily the northernmost states.

-According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 70 million homes (65 percent of single-family homes) feature central air conditioner systems and another 20 percent or so have window or room A.C. units.

-Back in 1903, the building that houses the New York Stock Exchange in New York, New York, was among the first buildings to utilize an air conditioner system.

-The advancement of contemporary air conditioning systems allows for continuing developments in medical technologies, longer human lifespans and helps reduce the spread of illnesses that once were quite common. In addition, air conditioning technology in warm climates serves to dramatically boost employee comfort and productivity.

-A significant amount of the electricity utilized to power residential electronic devices is consumed as the products are shut off.

-Once the earliest concepts of air conditioning took place approximately 500 years ago. Citizens of Persia constructed wind towers in an attempt to enjoy the same benefits as air conditioning. These wind towers were equipped with scoops to trap the wind.

Interior vanes moved that air through the buildings and also pushed out warm air. This was particularly beneficial considering the sweltering temperatures people of Persia experienced regularly during summertime.

Count on State Automatic for Air Conditioning Repair DuPage County. We also service and install furnaces, water heaters, radiant floor heating, ductwork systems and lots more for residential and commercial customers. For a no-nonsense estimate on HVAC services, contact us today at 630-326-6330.

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