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Heating Repair North Aurora IL

Heating Repair North Aurora IL

As the fall season turns into winter in Illinois, you depend on your home heating system to provide warm and reliable comfort regardless of how low the temperatures may fall outside. A furnace, heat pump or boiler is at the heart of most all home heating systems. Receiving an even, consistent flow of warm air is not something that should be taken for granted.

To that end, by remaining aware of how the components of your system operate, you will know how to recognize the signs that you need to call State Automatic for Heating Repair North Aurora IL.

-Cold areas throughout the house. Are there some areas or certain rooms in your home that remain comfortable and others that seem to stay drafty and cold even after you make frequent adjustments to the thermostat? When this is the case, it usually indicates that the furnace is having difficulty distributing warm air evenly to all the living spaces in the house.

Additionally, the ductwork also could be a contributing factor to inconsistent heating. Our experienced Heating Repair North Aurora IL technicians can assess the ductwork in your home and correct air circulation problems.

-Screeching, squealing or banging sounds. While most all furnaces will tend to emit some low-volume noise as they’re working, any loud, unusual screeching or banging should definitely call for attention. Those loud sounds are an unmistakable signal that your furnace needs Heating Repair North Aurora IL.

Screeching, for example, could mean that a motor bearing has fallen out of proper position or has simply become worn down. When you notice these noises, it’s not advisable to try and diagnose the problems on your own. Call State Automatic so a trained service tech can perform an inspection of the furnace and make any repairs necessary to restore normal heating.

-Unusual smells. Are you detecting unpleasant odors soon after your furnace goes on? This is another sign that your home heating system has a potential issue that needs to be addressed. Musty, stale odors could signal the presence of mold growth taking place inside your furnace.

It’s a fairly common occurrence that results from high levels of humidity in the home or when moisture is forming in the system. Call us promptly to schedule Heating Repair North Aurora IL.

-Bad indoor air quality. Are members of your household complaining that they are frequently sneezing or coughing when at home? The cause of these unpleasant physical symptoms could well be your home heating system. When a furnace is not working properly, it can start releasing pollutants into the air such as dust, allergens and other unhealthy particles.

Although you can help to reduce and limit the amount of indoor air contaminants by changing out your furnace air filter regularly, it’s recommended that you schedule an inspection of your furnace to identify ways to improve the quality of the indoor air in your home.

-Short cycling or continually running. Short-cycling is what happens when a furnace goes off and on for brief short. It can be a sign of a malfunctioning heat exchanger. Similarly, a furnace that runs constantly for lengthy periods and doesn’t turn off also is a sign you should schedule Heating Repair North Aurora IL.

-The pilot light is an abnormal color. If you have a gas furnace in your home, take a close look at its pilot light. You should notice that the flame is blue. However, if you see that the flame is yellow, red, purple, or orange its means the furnace is not working right. An abnormal flame color may indicate that there is rust or other problematic compounds within the furnace.

If not professionally and promptly removed, those particles can impede the operating efficiencies of your furnace and allow unhealthy pollutants to circulate into the air.