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HVAC Elmhurst IL

HVAC Elmhurst IL

Since our family-owned and operated business was establish way back in 1929, State Automatic has continued to serve the residential and commercial comfort needs of the Elmhurst community and many others throughout the Chicagoland suburbs.

Our team always delivers reliable and prompt product installation, expert HVAC Elmhurst IL repairs and preventive maintenance that extends performance.

At State Automatic, each member of our experienced team of service techs have NATE certification and have broadened their HVAC Elmhurst IL expertise by continuing industry education and testing. We conduct specialized practices in furnace installation and maintenance, central air systems, ductless systems, radiant heat, boilers, geothermal options and lots more.

Below we’ll present a look at our many services that are all about keeping your home or commercial building comfortable all year long while also keeping your monthly utility bills as low as possible.

-Heating system repairs. Even what may seem to be a small issue with a furnace should probably be addressed sooner rather than later. There’s no reason to take risks with the safe operation of a heating system.

If your home is simply not heated comfortably, call the HVAC Elmhurst IL team at State Automatic for speedy solutions. NATE-certified and always up to date with the latest technologies, our technicians can repair furnaces of any make and model, regardless of what year the unit was manufactured.

We aim to sustain heating efficiency, lifespan and comfort through effective solutions to any HVAC Elmhurst IL issue.

-Heating system services and new furnace installation. Is your home or commercial HVAC equipment in optimal condition, providing you with an affordable and comfortable environment day after day?

Wear and tear, dirt accumulation or faulty furnace installation can result in unnecessarily high utility costs, increasingly frequent repairs, insufficient indoor air quality and even potential safety hazards.

Those are all issues that are far too important to overlook and should be resolved as soon as possible. Call the HVAC Elmhurst IL experts at State Automatic and we’ll dispatch a service technician to assess the general performance of your furnace and related components.

Then, we’ll recommend which updates or repairs may be needed to improve performance and restore comfortable conditions to your home or business. A furnace – particularly for a single family home – is one of the largest and most important investments owners make in their comfort system.

After all, it’s what you rely on to keep your household or your family comfortable all throughout the year regardless of what the weather conditions may be outside. To offset the increasing cost of utilities, we know that our customers must have optimal efficiency without diminishing dependable performance.

Because we are an authorized dealer of Carrier furnaces and other comfort system products, State Automatic is a source for the very best in home and commercial HVAC Elmhurst IL solutions. We install furnaces that produce many years of highly efficient and accurate temperature control that won’t destroy your utility budget.

We aim to fulfill your particular home or commercial heating needs with a wide range of choices: from our remarkably durable Carrier furnaces and boilers to radiant heat and geothermal options. Geothermal HVAC can surpass the performance of a fossil fuel-based system and save a lot on utilities.

When you contact the State Automatic team for geothermal heating system design and install services, you can plan on lowering your energy costs from approximately 40 to as much as 80 percent. Geothermal heating is not just an economically-wise strategy for maintaining comfort, but it’s also safe, clean and free of hassles.

There aren’t components like burners or condensers to clean, which makes a geothermal system practically maintenance-free. While the amazing benefits of geothermal  HVAC Elmhurst IL are relatively recent, the technologies has been around for many years.

With radiant heat, there’s no clinking radiator, noisy vents or dirty ductwork – just a reliable production of heat that keeps your home warm and comfortable. When you reach out to the HVAC team at State Automatic, we can detail the many positives of a radiant heat system and help you conclude if it’s the appropriate way to go for your home comfort system.

Electric radiant heat involves loops of resistance wiring and is frequently retrofitted to a single room like a kitchen or lavatory. Heated water “hydronic” systems are among the most in-demand methods of residential heating. By directing water from a boiler unit or from a water heater into sections of polyethylene tubes.

This can be as much as thirty percent higher efficiency when compared to forced air heat. Although radiant heating may cost more initially, that cost is recovered over time in utility savings.

Leading gas and oil-fired boilers are designed to generate consistent heat through your home’s radiant system. A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our company is able to provide our customers with a wide selection of top quality boilers. Sealed combustion utilizes external air to fuel the unit’s burner, limiting drafts and enhancing safety.

Electrical ignition does away with the need to have a continual pilot light. Combustion technologies generate a great deal of heat from less amounts of fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides as much as 98 percent AFUE.

HVAC Elmhurst IL Preventive Maintenance

We offer an “automatic” maintenance plan that’s an economical way for our customers to enjoy dependable comfort all year with minimal hassle. With this basic but very effective plan, State Automatic contacts you “automatically” every spring and fall season when your HVAC Elmhurst IL system becomes due for a check-up.

Setting an appointment that’s most convenient for you, our techs will evaluate your home’s comfort system to assure that you’re all set for the upcoming seasons and whatever weather challenges they may bring.

Signs Your HVAC Elmhurst IL May Be Due For Repair Or Replacement

By recognizing some of the most common signs of a declining furnace, alert homeowners can call for HVAC services before the furnace stops working completely. Here are some of the warning signals that a furnace is needs service or replacement:

-Insufficient heat or no heat at all. The clearest indicator that a furnace needs attention. Hopefully, your furnace doesn’t stop putting out heat completely before we can dispatch a tech to take a look and recommend a solution.

If you’re noticing that your house is getting uncomfortably cold don’t wait too long to contact State Automatic for prompt HVAC solutions at affordable pricing.

-Is your furnace over 20 years old? If you have had your home’s furnace for under 15 years, routine maintenance or repairs will probably resolve most heating issues. But once a furnace reaches 20 years or more, it may be time to consider getting a new Carrier furnace. After that length of time, an aging furnace may start declining in performance and need repairs more often.

-Strange noises. Like with other large appliances, unusual noises mean something isn’t working right. If you’re hearing metallic banging sounds from your furnace don’t hesitate to call us for HVAC solutions.

-Yellow pilot light. The pilot light on a natural gas furnace should be blue. If you see that your furnace’s pilot light is yellow, it’s a certain signal that it needs HVAC Elmhurst IL repairs. In this case, shut down the furnace call State Automatic at 630-326-6330.