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Many homeowners may pay attention to their furnace if it stops working correctly and their home becomes uncomfortably cold. At State Automatic, we think about furnaces throughout the whole so our customers don’t have to! It’s our mission to be sure your Downers Grove Heating system is in good condition year-in and year-out, providing you and your household with a warm and cozy environment no matter how cold it may get outside during the winter months. With our wide range of Downers Grove Heating system expertise and ongoing training practices, our service techs can perform repairs or replace parts on any make or model furnace on the marketplace today.


Downers Grove Heating

Downers Grove Heating

From consistent preventative maintenance that prolongs the lifespan of Downers Grove Heating systems to new furnace or new boiler replacement, State Automatic’s expert HVAC techs are ready to accurately diagnose and repair heating system issues quickly and at competitive rates.

When it comes to time to replace your home’s furnace, our team can explain all of your options, provide you with a no-hassle consultation and perform the installation efficiently at a schedule that is most convenient for you. Following the installation of your new energy efficient furnace, State Automatic can perform annual preventative maintenance that will keep the unit functioning smoothly for many years to come.

So When Will I Know It’s Time To Replace My Home’s Furnace?

Getting a replacement for the furnace in your Downers Grove residence is a pretty big decision. Like any other major appliance, a new furnace is an investment. If a furnace is incorrectly sized to a home or not installed correctly, it can result in problems. The Downers Grove Heating experts at State Automatic are standing by with answers to all of your questions about new furnace installation to be sure you’re fully informed about our professional services. Following are some of the most common signs that it is probably time to consider replacing your home’s furnace:

Your furnace is at or near its “retirement” age. Just like any other major appliance with mechanical components, furnaces have a limited lifespan. Generally, most residential furnaces will last about 20 years or longer if they receive regular preventative maintenance. If the furnace in your home is getting close to this age or if it needs repairs frequently, have our Downers Grove Heating experts assess your heating system and recommend a new furnace for you that will lower your monthly bills while also providing dependable comfort.

Your monthly heating bills have sharply increased. Once a furnace approaches the end of its useful lifespan, it must “work harder” to sufficiently heat your Illinois home. Even in the event your furnace still has some years of usefulness remaining, if you see that your heating costs are rising it could be the result of declining efficiency. Replacing it with a new Carrier furnace rather than paying for more and more repairs may well be the smarter and more economical Downers Grove Heating option.

Your furnace is “talking” to you. A sure sign that you should probably replace your furnace is when it starts to make unusual sounds. While it’s typical for a furnace to make some noises when it’s switching on or off, rattling or screeching sounds are its way of telling you there are problems happening that call for repair or replacement.

Other signs that your furnace needs repairs include:

The furnace keeps turning on and off, or simply will not turn on. Does your furnace seem to be activating randomly? Or maybe it’s stopped running completely. If you are experiencing these common signs of heating trouble, give State Automatic a call or contact us online.
Your home’s carbon monoxide detector keeps going off. This could mean that your furnace is not burning fuel correctly. In this event, exit your home and contact your local fire department. Once they’ve giving you the okay, contact State Automatic for assistance immediately.
Your furnace’s pilot light is any color but blue. If a pilot light appears yellowish or orange, it’s a sign of a fuel imbalance. This is problem that could lead to something hazardous, so we recommend you contact a licensed HVAC professional right away.

Steer Clear Of Furnace Problems With Preventative Maintenance By State Automatic

Furnaces require yearly service at a minimum to help remain in top condition and to perform properly. Scheduling maintenance service with State Automatic is a convenient and economical way of ensuring Downers Grove Heating system will continue to do its job for you dependably for many years to come.

Whatever the year of model furnace you may have at your home or commercial property, a maintenance appointment from one of our certified technicians is all it takes to confirm that your household will stay warm all winter long. Like with air conditioners, preventative maintenance is critical for getting the most out of the investment homeowners make in their Downers Grove Heating systems.

A yearly Downers Grove Heating maintenance appointment involves an assessment of all the system’s components to confirm they are all performing as they should in order to avoid a major sudden breakdown – which always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. This essential service helps keep your home heated efficiently and will prevent minor problems from developing into major ones that can leave homeowners in the cold.

Our affordable furnace inspections and maintenance services will help to sustain safe and reliable function and help extend the lifespan of your Downers Grove Heating system. State Automatic goes the extra mile for our valuable customers with thorough tune-ups that may include:

*A thorough cleaning of the unit’s heat exchanger, inspect for combustion leakage.
*Perform a combustion efficiency assessment and testing for carbon monoxide, which is a hazardless, colorless gas. Testing can reveal if any amount of carbon monoxide is escaping from the heating system.
*Clean the burners and make adjustments to ensure optimal efficiency. Clogged burners can lead to poor combustion, basically costing the homeowner to pay for useful heated air that is wasted.
*Cleaning of the pilot assembly and check the thermocouple which, if it is defective will eventually cause the furnace to totally shut down.
*Inspection of the unit’s flame sensor, a device that protects your household’s safety by ensuring the flame ignites correctly.
*Examine the flue and confirm the venting system is open and free of obstructions. A corroded flue pipe can be hazardous. Similar to a crack within a furnace’s heat exchanger, a corroded flue pipe can pose a health risk from toxic fumes. A ventilation system in good condition is critical for safe operation of your Downers Grove Heating system.
*Verify proper operation of the inducer motor. The inducer is what eliminates fumes from the furnace and helps to ensure a correct combustion procedure.
*Check and adjust the pilot light as needed. A dirty or flickering pilot light can be extinguished quite easily, which can lead the furnace to shut off.

Why choose State Automatic? Our customers are always our top priority. We take the time to assess your Downers Grove Heating requirements accurately and identify long-term, cost-effective solutions that last!