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HVAC Repairs Batavia IL

The dependable local HVAC Repairs Batavia IL technicians at State Automatic are available to resolve any of your home or business heating problems. Our certified and experienced technicians are trained in repairing a variety of heating systems. Regardless of its brand or installation date, we can identify what’s causing the problems and either repair it or replace it. Examples of the common home heating systems State Automatic repairs include:

-Furnaces. A majority of Fox Valley households have a central furnace that heats their homes.
Heat Pumps. Basically a 2-way version of an air conditioner unit that transfers heat from an exterior source or a geothermal system into and out of the home.
-New Installation of Heating Systems. HVAC systems are a complex, large units that will provide years of reliable heating to your whole home. Proper installation is critical to ensure top performance.
-Ductless Mini-Splits. These are wall mounted systems that heats and cools specific rooms and living spaces.
-Maintenance. The best way of keeping your heating system working without problems is through regular maintenance by the HVAC Repairs Batavia IL.

Servicing home heating systems is among our specialties. Contact us today to inquire about any of our affordable and dependable services so your home will remain comfortably warm all winter. No matter what’s keeping your heating system from performing at its best, our HVAC Repairs Batavia IL technicians are prepared with hassle-free solutions, competitive pricing and exceptional customer care.

Heat Pump Problems? Call 630-326-6330 if You Notice Any of the Following Signs

Even if the home’s heat pump in your home still seems to be doing its job adequately, there are some signs to watch for that call for the attention of a heating repair technician.

-The heat pump’s refrigerant line is leaking. Is the heat pump unit still on yet not providing heat to your home? If so, there may be a leak somewhere along the refrigerant line that transports the heat (or cold) to and from your house to the outside. If a leak is not located and repaired fast and the refrigerant levels fall too low, it may require replacement of the pump.

For diagnostic testing of your residential heat pump, call the HVAC Repairs Batavia IL experts at State Automatic Heating & Cooling at 630-326-6330.

-The heat pump short-cycles (turns on and off continuously). When this occurs, the pump is not going through a full cycle. This can soon result in serious problems that will steadily wear down the pump and shorten its services life.

-The pump stays in cooling mode. A chilly Fox Valley winter can be tough when a heat pump is not providing consistent warmth and comfort. There could be problems with the pump’s reversing valve. It’s a component that switches the flow of refrigerant from heating back to cooling. If your pump won’t switch back from its cooling mode call us for repairs soon.

-The heat pump is making odd sounds. Are you noticing a hissing, gurgling or grinding noise from your heat pump? These aren’t normal sounds and chances are good that your heat pump needs HVAC Repairs Batavia IL.

When Installation is the Better Option

There are situations when replacing a heat pump or furnace is the more cost-effective choice that repair. It is vital that a new unit is installed properly. If not, the heating unit may not operate as well as it should. Various factors influence the cost of installing new heating systems, but the largest is the type of system you select. Our HVAC service technicians can help you choose a heating system that’s an ideal match for your home’s comfort needs.